A downloadable VR Virtual Reality for Windows and Android

Dance with the beast, and turn his exterior and his affections on you. In virtual reality!

Dance in time, and he turns human, miss a beat and he slips back into being a beast!

Preview of gameplay:

Audio from:
Dana Bould - Songs For Paris - Clinchy Waltz

Clichy Waltz by Dana Boulé is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License.

Install instructions

download the cardboard apk to your phone, install run, use the cardboard button select the dancing area to start him dancing. When the next highlighted dancing area shows up, use your cardboard button to click on that before he moves on to the next beat!

Install oculus or vive runtime, download appropriate binary, run executable

Gearvr - wait for sideload vr channel, since this requires signing, like the ios version


cardboardbeautyandthebeast.apk 46 MB
ViveBeautyAndTheBeast.zip 63 MB
gearvr - soon to be on sideloadvr - needs sigfile - beautyandthebeast.apk 42 MB
Pre10OculusBeautyAndTheBeast.zip 62 MB

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